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Expertise in technology is hard-earned. We've lived through the mistakes so you don't have to.

What we can help with

We've had the opportunity to traverse numerous industries including health care & health care research, financial services, telecommunications, marketing, fitness, manufacturing, retail, aviation, utilities, and oil & gas. Some of our expertise and core offerings are as follows.

High Availability Architecture

Achieve 99.999% uptime. Build for redundancy, scalable load, fault tolerance, self healing, and unexpected & uncontrollable events.

The "Cloud"

Build best of breed solutions using Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Build for maximum security, scalability, and ease of use. Lift-and-shift, rebuild in the cloud, or extend your on-premise solutions.

Custom Software Development

Expertise with Node.js, Python, and C++, including frameworks and tools such as React, React Native, AntD, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Django, websockets, and Docker.

Clinical Trial Support

Support for integration with REDCap, imednet, iDataFax, OHDSI and local health organizations including Alberta Health Services. Implementation of Minimum Sufficient Balance, Stratified Block Randomization techniques, and other statistical approaches to data management.

Database Design

Broad spectrum database support, specifically with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Schema design, replication, high-availability, encryption, security, backup & recovery, compliance, auditing, and performance tuning.

Hardware Development

Full scope guidance for hardware design, prototyping, and production/manufacturing. Custom PCB design with Alitum Designer and mechanical with SolidWorks. Most of our projects prefer decoupled or protected scope, to stretch budgets, and de-risk the hardware design process. Embedded ARM systems are usually preferred.

Machine Learning

ML modelling, training, and productionizing for image and time series data. Implementation with both TensorFlow and PyTorch.

System Monitoring

Guidance for setting up system health monitoring, proactive notifications, self-healing actions, failover, and system redundancy. Tooling at the endpoint, central, and cloud levels.

Regulatory & Auditing

Support for meeting numerous requirements, certifications, and guidelines, including SOC2, PCI, FDA, CE, EU, ISO-27001/2, FOIP, PIPEDA, OWASP, and GDPR.

Security Scanning & Analysis

Code, deployment, and architecture analysis for security posture against current threat registries, industry-standard security practices, and team processes & access.

Continuous Integration

Automate code builds, testing, deployments, and periodic system scripts or DevOps jobs.

Integrations & APIs

Integrations with industry-standard or smaller/custom 3rd party applications & APIs. API design and documentation from scratch.


Everyone's favorite task... but the verdict is in. It's critical. We don't skimp on it.